Here at 4TRY.IN, we are professional marketers doing work on our own projects and for select clients. We use this site for two things: 1) Testing out ideas and products, and 2) as a means to help educate the public with useful reports and information. Look for more along these lines in the months ahead.

With a combined knowledge base of over 200 years, our team of savvy, multiple award-winning experts bring long experience and exceptional  talent to bear on just about any advertising, marketing or promotions challenge. Our backgrounds include stints on Madison Avenue, in Hollywood (the California one) and in D.C., working on everything from big budget movie launches to major political campaigns, in virtually every aspect of the business, be it copywriting and design, site and software development, multi-media and video production, and much more besides.

These days, our dance cards are pretty booked, but we do have interest in working on exceptional projects for quality clients. Feel free to inquire within by contacting us as to rates and availability.